About Us

The history

of a loving Coffee

  • Each cup has a story and so does Barn’s. Since 1992. Standing through thick and thin, we witnessed the progressive era within the Kingdom and marked our presence as the first coffee shop drive thru and one of the first local coffee brands.

With every cup, the serving has been made deliciously lovable for you. Through constantly exploring the market and investing time in our products range, a worthy cup is all that our eyes are set on.

Our Brewed Values

The Values

The love for coffee is mutual. With almost twenty million annual visitors to the Makkah region to complete their Islamic pilgrimage, Hajj, our brand is privileged to build connections with people from all around with the help of its strategic location. Millions of customers become the part of our ecstatic experience as we serve them one of the most memorable cup of coffee found across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A cup that is topped off with perfectly roasted joy and that is bound to brighten your day with that first sip.

Coffee to Connect ...to Passion ...to Taste

From Seed to Savour

The comfort zones could often be hard to find but when you do, making conversations become easier. It is adoration and connection that lets you think more and be more.

Barn’s coffee is that optimal cup you could have at the ideal space. A place where you would want to unwind a newspaper, read a book or have a memorable meet out, it is love in first sip.

Its about you having an elevating experience with an indulging cup of coffee.

Sip to Love

The diverse range of products, more than two hundred coffee shops in multiple cities and a drive to expand aggressively, keeps us awake to spread the undying love coffee brings.

From roasted coffee beans to a hot cup, from bakery savouries to a range of customisable beverage options, at Barn’s, we are spreading a unique coffee experience with our local storefronts. Our coffee machines are state of the art, demonstrating barista experience that is unparalleled

What we do?

We speak coffee language

Coffee to Connect

Barn's is your Imagination of joyous day out, the idea that wants you get out of bed and start connecting. Our Coffee is a standing point to that.

Coffee to Passion

From suppliers of the finest quality beans to the right roasting and brewing, for us it's about doing It right to give you the apt idea of what passion is like in a cup.

Coffee to Taste

The warm tickle to your taste bud, the perfect aroma and the bright taste. With quality comes a lasting sip that makes you want it again and again. Barn's is about the right taste.

What leads Barn’s?

Convenience & Comfort

Our coffee is roasted to be delivered to you with a comforting experience each time.

Let’s make you the cup

Our coffee originates from far across the finest coffee farms; the plants are carefully picked, dried and nurtured to be ready to go on a rich roasting process.

The Roasting

At Barn’s, that’s how it’s exactly done, as our beans are carefully roosted to give your coffee its unique aroma, rich taste and complex flavour.