The trade name has changed for a legal reason and to develop the brand, but our coffee is still of high quality and developed.

We have been with you since 1992.


 Yes, we are proud that we have lived many years in the development of the Kingdom and the spread of cafes in which we were the first coffee shop that owns a drive-thru and one of the first local brands of coffee.

Barn's X is a sub-brand that specializes in serving specialty coffee and contains an environment suitable for business meetings and gatherings of family and friends.

The cappuccino bean coffee is used.

There are many options for those who follow a healthy lifestyle, we recommend  coffee without sugar or milk, such as American, Turkish coffee, or espresso.

The usual way to serve Turkish and French coffee is not to fill the cup.

All branches are closed directly with the call to prayer.

In every branch, there are two windows to facilitate speedy customer service, one for receiving car services and the other for pedestrians. 

Yes, and we are at Barns consider all of our employee’s partners of success and one family. We are all proud of them and appreciate their efforts in drawing a smile on the faces of our valued customers.

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